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What’s the ROI on minor upgrades and staging your home for sale?

Nat Ferguson

I am a fourth generation resident of Seal Beach who enjoys writing about local activities, business and real estate...

I am a fourth generation resident of Seal Beach who enjoys writing about local activities, business and real estate...

Jan 29 3 minutes read

By now most people are aware that the real estate market has changed in favor of sellers. When sellers know the market is on their side, it's not uncommon to see the list price of homes raised in an attempt to capture top dollar. So why would someone selling their home in this market need to consult a home stager, their local handyman or both?

In the scenario where an owner is attempting to sell their home for more than recent sales, it is especially important that every detail of a home be addressed. A home buyer that would consider seeing a home listed for top dollar is going to come with very high expectations. The fit and finish of the home for sale must be impeccable for a seller to get their maximum asking price. One way you can prepare your home for the scrutiny that comes with setting a high list price is to consultant a professional home stager along with your local handyman.

The ROI associated with employing a professional home stager has been well documented. A highly respected real estate website, NAR (National Association of Realtors), reports that a simple "Clean and Declutter" could cost between $100 – $200 and increase your home price from $1500 – $2000. That is an incredible 872% ROI from cleaning off your counter tops, pulling down your wall of family pictures and removing the two dozen magnets from your refrigerator. Add to this having a handyman come in to touch up paint or freshen up hardscape and landscape, the ROI increases even more.

In a market like Seal Beach where nearly every home is selling for over $800,000, the investment in retaining the services of a home stager and other local experts is significantly multiplied. According to a local real estate investor (who asked to remain anonymous), he will not list any of his remodeled homes for sale without having them professionally staged by Maryam Odabaee of RED Home Design & Staging. The response to the properties he's selling has been overwhelming, the reaction most sellers seek to acquire.

Client's needed to sell their home in Old Town Seal Beach and were taking all of their possessions with them when they moved. Based on the investors advice, we contacted Maryam Odabaee to provide an estimate on staging their attractively remodeled home. To our amazement and delight, the return from staging their home more than paid for the small investment needed for Maryam's work.

If you are considering selling your home, begin by checking the value and then consult with a local real estate professional to assist you with the process of preparing your home for sale. By doing this you'll gain valuable guidance and direction that can only be provided by a local Realtor and their trusted local experts. The difference could mean tens of thousands of dollars to your home's bottom line.

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