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Spreading happiness, one rock at a time

Nat Ferguson

I am a fourth generation resident of Seal Beach who enjoys writing about local activities, business and real estate...

I am a fourth generation resident of Seal Beach who enjoys writing about local activities, business and real estate...

Jan 29 4 minutes read

“It’s just something cute to get everyone involved, something to make people smile,” says Brittany Kuhn of her new community art project Seal Beach Rocks. She and her partner Lyndsie Young believe that nothing brings a community together quite like a light-hearted scavenger hunt.

Kuhn says she was inspired to start Seal Beach Rocks after seeing friends in other cities posting about similar projects in their area. “My husband is military, so we have a lot of friends that live in a lot of different random places,” she explains, “I’ve seen other people doing it and just thought it would be nice to do it here.” Kuhn says she was also encouraged by the spirit of the Seal Beach community. “I feel like everyone in Seal Beach is really connected and has a very good community,” she says, “I feel like people here would want to get involved.”

According to Kuhn, the concept is simple: “Just find a rock and paint it. Just paint them and then hide them literally wherever.” So far, Kuhn says hiding places have included inside local Seal Beach shops, along the beach, and on the pier. After painting and hiding rocks, Kuhn encourages participants to message her through the project’s Facebook page with the location of the rocks. From there, Kuhn will send out periodic clues and hints about the rocks’ hiding places to spur the search.

The next step is to simply search for the hidden treasures. After finding one, Kuhn says participants have the option of either collecting the colorful trinkets or re-hiding them for others to find once more. Before doing so however, Kuhn recommends that participants share their findings on the Facebook page or on other social media using the hashtag #SealBeachRocks.

Although the project was started only a few days ago, Kuhn says that the response has already been incredible. “Everyone’s been very open to it, and it seems people are really excited about it, both adults and children,” she says. “I’ve gotten a lot of messages where people have actually been painting rocks or hiding rocks,” Kuhn explains, “I had a woman message me and say that she’s been doing this to help her get through a hard time in her life, and I just thought that was so awesome.”

Ultimately, Kuhn hopes that Seal Beach Rocks can help to spread a bit of joy throughout the Seal Beach community. “We just thought it was a cute way to spread happiness, especially with everything that’s been going on here lately,” she explains. As a mother of two children, Kuhn also hopes the project can provide a bit of fun and adventure for Seal Beach’s younger residents as well. “I’m sure my son will probably start his own little collection,” she laughs.

For those eager to start searching, Kuhn says that the first batch of rocks is painted and ready. “Yesterday, we had a little party with some other military wives where we painted some rocks,” Kuhn says, “We’ll start working on the hiding during our walks down to the pier this week.” Kuhn is excited for the project to grow and encourages all Seal Beach residents to start searching.

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