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Development is underway by Shea Homes and you're interested in buying in the last, and arguably most exclusive, residential development in Seal Beach history? Unless you've attended every City Council meeting on the project, you'll want to take note of these 5 important issues that may affect your decision.

  • Varying (and limited) lot sizes - According to the City of Seal Beach Staff Report dated October 26, 2015, (page 11, item 3.B.) only 30 residential lots (two less than was originally approved) will be available in the development. This alone should encourage you to get on the Ferguson Realty interest list. Lot sizes will range from just over 3,000 sq/ft with the largest lots offering over 5,000 sq/ft.

  • Building Height - While the Ocean Place development will offer lot sizes that are larger than what you'd traditionally find in Old Town, the height limit will remain at 25 feet (page 12 item 6.A.). Knowing the location and shape of the lots is critical to achieving the desired floor plan and interior/exterior space.

  • Architecture and Design - Old Town does not have a specific design standard. BUT, according to the staff report (page 13 item 9.), the residential uses within the Specific Plan area should be "architecturally similar to existing residential development in Old Town Seal Beach". According to the home builder, there will be ten different plans offered within the community creating a varied visual experience.

  • Visitor Serving Parcel - The staff report (page 11 item 4.B.) also describes the recent addition of a Visitor Serving Parcel (Land Use Development Plan pictured below) to be developed with "visitor serving uses including lower-cost overnight accommodations". The report describes "other allowed uses" for the parcel that are varying in scope. This will be an area that will require further due diligence when you are purchasing in Ocean Place.

  • Proximity to Public Open Space - Depending on your preference, you may wish to purchase closer to, or further from the park area. The City of Seal Beach Parks & Recreation Department has made several recommendations as to how the public open space be utilized. Careful review of the staff report (page 3 items 1 - 4) should be part of your due diligence. It illustrates, in detail, how specific areas may be developed and what the intended uses may be.

Having answers to these questions will best equip you to make an educated decision about buying in Ocean Place Seal Beach. The only question is, whats keeping you from putting your name on the Ferguson Realty interest list?

*Ferguson Realty is an independent real estate brokerage and does not contractually represent Shea Homes. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information or your ability to purchase a home in their development. Please call us directly at 562-645-6501 to discuss the details of this new community.

Ocean_Place_Land_Use_Plan Rsz.jpg